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Real Estate Investing Made Easy
Why Invest in Multifamily With Break of Day Capital
We believe multifamily is the asset class to be in because America will add 12.5 million more households from 2016-2025 which is 86% more than the previous decade and driven by those born in the 1980’s and later. Multifamily investing is:
Our goal is to provide investment opportunities for busy people that provide competitive returns yearly by maximizing the upside and minimizing the downside.
Our Method and Strategy
It takes countless hours on our part before you, the investor, actually see an offering. First, we assess deals we get from brokers and other resources that we have carefully sourced and developed over many years to see if the opportunity meets our criteria. If it does and we like it, we go into a deeper dive to analyze the deal. Our meticulous analysis is the foundation of our fiduciary responsibility to our investors. If the opportunity passes our rigorous tests, we perform due diligence, submit an offer and negotiate.
Each property is unique, but typically we will begin rehab very soon after closing, reposition it with new branding and continue to maximize income and minimize expenses throughout the duration of the hold.
An investment is typically a 3-5 year lifespan depending on if we project continued upside, the current state of the market and most importantly the velocity of our investors’ money. Throughout the investment, we promise consistent and transparent communication. Our goal is to make it easy for our investors to reap the benefits of economies of scale and expert asset management.
About Break of Day Capital

Break of Day Capital is focused on acquiring multifamily real estate
investments that offer value-add opportunities throughout the US. We look in
growing markets for under-managed assets to maximize investor returns year
after year. We minimize risk by doing exhaustive research, meticulous
due-diligence; partner locally with the best real estate professionals and
carefully manage the investment every step of the way.

Our Mission is to positively impact the lives of our investors and the
communities in which we invest through the highest level of transparency and
fiduciary responsibility.

Gary’s Book
To Help You Master Real Estate

Best In Class: How to Manage Your Multifamily Asset, Avoid Mistakes, and Build Wealth through Real Estate

Feeling overwhelmed by your investment property? There are plenty of books about investing in multifamily real estate, but few that tell you what to do with that property once you own it.

Best In Class lays out everything you need to become a Best in Class operator: marketing and leasing, managing renovations, evaluating your property’s performance, financial analysis, managing the manager, and so much more. Create better systems and take control of your property while building wealth for you and your investors. Your investment property is supposed to set you financially free, not stress you out. Pick up Best In Class today and learn step-by-step how to manage your real estate portfolio effectively.

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Welcome to the Real Estate Asset Management Podcast. Your host, Gary Lipsky of Break of Day Capital, has more than 30 years of operations and management experience and almost 20 years of real estate investing experience. The show focuses on educating syndicators and apartment owners on how to build systems and manage their properties more efficiently to become a best-in-class operator. 100% straight talk.

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