Break of Day Capital is focused on acquiring multifamily real estate investments that offer value-add opportunities throughout the US. We look in growing markets for under-managed assets to maximize investor returns year after year. We minimize risk by doing exhaustive research, meticulous due-diligence; partner locally with the best real estate professionals and carefully manage the investment every step of the way.

We believe multifamily is the asset class to be in because America will add 12.5 million more households from 2016-2025 which is 86% more than the previous decade and driven by those born in the 1980’s and later.
Source:  Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Business, by John Burns and Chris Porter, Advantage, 2016, p. 160

12.5 Million Households Will Boost the Economy

Source:  John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC based on U.S. Census Bureau data

Additionally, according to, the US needs an additional 4.6 million new apartments by 2030 for 31.8 million more people. Lastly, multifamily investing is backed by a hard asset that takes advantage of leverage and tax benefits while providing a necessity all the while providing cash flow passively.  

Our goal is to provide investment opportunities to our investors that provide competitive returns yearly by maximizing the upside and minimizing the downside.