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Real Estate Likely to Outperform In Next Recession

real estate outperforms other asset classes in a recession

Many investors that we talk to including Family Offices and Private Equity Funds have taken a risk-off posture going into the current stagflationary environment and are hiding out in “safe havens” like money market funds and short-term U.S. Treasury notes.  In fact, The Wall Street Journal said about $186 Billion flooded into money market funds … Read more

The S&P 493 is up 1% YTD!

The S&P 493 is up 1% YTD!

The Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 is a popular stock market index that tracks the performance of 500 of the largest publicly traded U.S. companies. Many busy professionals blindly contribute a portion of their hard earned wages each month into S&P 500 index funds, under the assumption that they are passively investing into a well … Read more