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Consumer/Investor Confidence

Recent July CPI data may have confirmed that inflation has hit its peak. The stock market rallied in reaction to the news, as inflation was flat in comparison to June’s inflation data. This news caused a shift in consumer and investor sentiment. Consumer sentiment rose in the month of August from the lowest levels it … Read more

The never-ending argument: Real Estate vs. Stocks, which one wins over the long-term?

For what seems like eons, individual investors and fund managers have defended their preferred asset classes. Amidst rising interest rates, red-hot inflation data, and microeconomic data reflecting a large shift in consumer behavior, a large population of investors are left with the hard question of what asset class is best for their long-term goals and … Read more

Defending your Hard-Earned Money

The global economy has experienced quite the routing these past few months. Inflation is raging, interest rates are soaring, supply chain disruptions and reduced consumer spending continue to adversely impact small businesses and major corporations alike, all the while, the stock, crypto, and bond markets have wiped away tens of trillions in wealth. As an … Read more

Single Family Home Investments vs. Multifamily Investments. Which Investing Strategy is Right for You?

Single Family Home Investments vs. Multifamily Investments. Which Investing Strategy is Right for You? Sept 10, 2021 Gary Lipsky When you are just beginning as a real estate investor, it can be difficult to determine which investment strategy is best for you. Understanding the pros and cons of investing in single family homes versus multifamily … Read more

Why Asset Management is so Critical

Why Asset Management is so Critical Sept 07, 2021 Gary Lipsky Asset Management is often overlooked. It takes attention to detail, consistency, being pro-active and excellent communication. You need to evaluate many key performance indicators so that you can see trends and consistently focus on improvements. Small improvements increasing income and reducing expenses can make … Read more

Why Invest in Multifamily?

Why Invest in Multifamily? July 09, 2021 Gary Lipsky Have you heard that 90% of millionaires attribute their wealth to real estate?  Or heard stories of living the good life off of passive cash flow from rental property?  When it comes to real estate investments, we focus on Multifamily apartment complexes because of the control it … Read more

Quick Intro To Real Estate Syndication

Quick Intro To Real Estate Syndication Oct 01, 2018 Gary Lipsky Invest in a Real Estate Syndication as a way to pool resources with others.What Is/Isn’t A Real Estate Syndication? When you hear the word syndicate, your mind may first go to a movie where evil criminals plotted to defeat the super hero, and maybe … Read more

Have You Looked Into Investing In Real Estate With A Self-Directed IRA?

My Story: From Single-Family Homebuyer To Multi-Family Investor & Landlord Podcasters   May 02, 2018 Gary Lipsky I love discussing anything to do with owning real estate, but I am passionate about investing in residential property. Let me tell you a little about my story: After buying my first home in 2002, I quickly set … Read more