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Best In Class Practices for Asset Management

Best in class book on asset management
Learn How to Manage Your Multifamily Asset, Avoid Mistakes, and Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

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Neal Bawa – Founder and CEO, Grocapitus
“Kyle & Gary do a fantastic job of laying out the things involved with apartment investing that many are just not educated on and not enough people are talking about. Reading this book will separate you from your competition when executing your business plan while growing wealth for you and your investors.”
Tim Bratz – CEO, Legacy Wealth Holdings, @timbratz
“I see many people get into commercial real estate and think, ‘If I can only find the opportunities and raise the money, I can do deals!’ Those are extremely important aspects to building your real estate portfolio… but Asset Management is critical to keeping your real estate portfolio. The work doesn’t end once you close on a property; that’s when the work really begins. You’ve gotta have your ducks in a row, and Kyle & Gary give you the tools to do exactly that in this book. Their insights are profound, don’t take them lightly!”
Hunter Thompson – Author of Raising Capital for Real Estate
“Asset management isn’t the sexiest part of the real estate sector, but it is the key difference maker between those who will only succeed when the market is favorable and those who will protect and grow investors’ capital through all stages of the economic cycle. Gary & Kyle have provided a ton of great content about best practices in asset management through their podcast and summit, and this book puts it all in one easily accessible place.”
Brandon Hall – CEO, Hall CPA PLLC
“Gary & Kyle share a ton of best practices to help you become a better operator. This book is a great road map for beginner to intermediate operators looking to gain a competitive advantage in a tight market. Who doesn’t want to learn ways to increase their NOI?”
Gene Trowbridge – Founding Partner, Trowbridge Law Group LLP
“If you want to learn how to be a successful asset manager, then read this book. Gary & Kyle go over many of the scenarios that an operator will face. It doesn’t matter if you manage a couple of units or many thousands; this book will help guide you to be better.”
Robby Woo – Co-Founder, TRWOO Investments LLC
“As a passive and active multifamily investor, I frequently reference this book for the invaluable asset management systems and strategies. The outlined principles have boosted my confidence to be able to manage any size deal. Gary & Kyle have truly inspired me to become a best-in-class multifamily operator!”

ABOUT the Author

Gary lipsky
President – Break Of Day Capital

Gary Lipsky is a 20+ year real estate entrepreneur focused on his award winning multifamily syndication business, and has acquired 3000+ apartment units valued at over $280MM.

Gary is the host of the Real Estate Investor Podcast, where he interviews industry experts to provide broad range education to investors. He is also the best-selling author of Best in Class, founder of the Asset Management Summit, and a guest speaker featured at many prominent conferences.

With over 30 years of operational expertise as a successful entrepreneur, Gary has built several companies including arc, an after school program with 700 employees and 9000 students, co-produced 3 independent films and started CORE, a non-profit organization for underprivileged children. His vast experience serves as a great foundation for his business as a multifamily operator.