My Top 4 Real Estate Investing Books For Beginners & Beyond

I love learning about real estate. Though there are many ways to learn, here’s my top four, favorite RE books that taught me the most along my way to becoming a Real Estate Mogul. While on this journey to financial freedom, I’ve read a lot of RE books. I usually take away at least a few nuggets of information from every one, but these four manuals are tops in my estimation. Though they seem to target the beginner/intermediate investor, each still has valuable insights for everyone. So even if you are a more advanced real estate investor, the focus on …

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Quick Intro To Real Estate Syndication

Invest in a Real Estate Syndication as a way to pool resources with others. What Is/Isn’t A Real Estate Syndication? When you hear the word syndicate, your mind may first go to a movie where evil criminals plotted to defeat the super hero, and maybe you remember watching Batman where the Joker met with his syndicate to do this. Yes, people work together in what is called a Real Estate Syndication to make money. And while you may have some characters in the group, in this case, it is legal. Why Invest In A Real Estate Syndication? There are several …

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Have You Looked Into Investing In Real Estate With A Self-Directed IRA?

While there are many ways to invest in real estate, using a Self-Directed IRA can offer many benefits that other investment strategies cannot. Though some people may shy away from this under-utilized investment tool because they don’t understand the many differences between IRAs, or perhaps their financial advisor steers them away since the advisor won’t collect fees, you can learn the advantages this strategy can offer for building your wealth. What is a Self-Directed IRA? Self-Directed IRAs allow you more choice where you invest your money while still having many protections that a traditional IRA offers. Some of the investment options include …

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My Story: From Single-Family Homebuyer To Multi-Family Investor & Landlord

I love discussing anything to do with owning real estate, but I am passionate about investing in residential property. Let me tell you a little about my story: After buying my first home in 2002, I quickly set out to learn as much as I could to increase the return on my investment.  I enjoyed studying the best ways to add value and livability to the house. I started small by converting my garage into an office space/living area. Since this worked out so well I set my sights bigger and tackled modernizing the kitchen which included moving the washer/dryer to a …

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Podcast Junkie: My Favorite Real Estate Podcasters

Confessions of a Podcast Junkie Hi, my name is Gary Lipsky, and I’m a real estate investor podcast junkie. I’ve been hooked for a little over a year now, and I listen all of the time! I like to get my fix while I’m driving to and from work, taking a walk, or even sometimes while I’m doing chores around the house. And in all seriousness, I’ve learned so much that it feels like a healthy addiction. There are usually great learning opportunities to be had, and if I don’t feel I’m getting value out of a particular episode, I …

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Winning Strategies From The 2018 Best Ever Conference For Real Estate Investing

Recently, I traveled to Denver for the Best Ever Conference which focuses on real estate investing by bringing the top experts from around the globe. My favorite part about the whole trip was that the conference not only had an incredible list of speakers and panels to learn from, but these same speakers and panelists were in the audience right beside me throughout the time, learning and sharing their knowledge with us individually. As a real estate podcast junkie, it was thrilling to meet and talk to some of my RE heroes in person. Networking with like-minded individuals from all over the US allowed me …

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