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BODC Multifamily Impact Fund

1.7 - 2.2x

Multiple Equity

13 - 18%


16 - 22%


Seeking to Reduce Risk in your Portfolio?

Let’s face it: The world isn’t getting less risky any time soon.

So, what do you do now? Turn to real estate. 

Real estate has always delivered the best risk-adjusted returns of any asset class. 

Here are a few reasons why. 

Real Estate is a Hard Asset. Whether it’s property or a building, real estate is a tangible asset – something you can see and feel – that we all understand and can assign value to. 

Real Estate provides Diversification. Real estate has a low correlation to stocks and bonds, which means it moves independently of other asset classes – providing protection to investors in uncertain times.

Real Estate = Cash Flow. Whether you are a “Mom-and-Pop” investor with one or two properties, or a Syndicator with large Multifamily projects, you’re generating monthly income and maximizing tax laws to your advantage. 

Real estate delivers Appreciation. No matter what the S&P does, property values have historically increased year after year. Even during the 1970’s when the market remained flat for a decade!

At Break of Day Capital, we can help you achieve the risk-adjusted returns you need to protect your portfolio in today’s rocky economic environment. 

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First Property In the Fund

By concentrating our efforts exclusively in the Arizona Multifamily Market, we’ve been able to deliver 3 full cycle deals to investors with an Average 61% IRR. On top of the 3 that have gone full cycle, there are another 7 deals that are beating return projections.  

That’s why we’re expanding our investment footprint in the Arizona Market with the Multifamily Impact Fund and our first deal in the Fund is already under management.

Here are a few highlights from the first Multifamily Impact Fund property, Icon on Spanish Trail. 

  • 256 Unit, Class B Property in Tucson, Arizona

  • Purchased 25% Below Market Value

  • $3M+ in Value Added on Day 1 from Operational Improvements

  • 50-75% Tax Deduction After Cost Segregation 

  • Conservative 69% LTV 

  • Fixed Rate Debt with No Prepayment Penalty or Fees