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The Passive Path to Prosperity: Why Being a Passive Investor Trumps Being a Landlord


Investing in real estate has long been considered a lucrative venture, with many individuals drawn to the idea of becoming a landlord. However, as the landscape of investment opportunities evolves, the appeal of being a passive investor is gaining momentum. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why adopting a passive investment approach might be … Read more

How to Invest in a Volatile Economic Climate

market cycle in emojis. how to invest in a volatile economic climate

The current market conditions are undergoing rapid and unprecedented changes, offering significant opportunities but also posing uncertainties. The key question remains: how can one navigate these fluctuations and make wise investment choices that yield optimal risk-adjusted returns? It boils down to selecting the right timing, assets, and partners. Prominent publications like The Wall Street Journal … Read more

New to Multifamily Investing? Understand the Industry Lingo

Real estate investing has become an increasingly popular avenue for generating wealth and financial freedom, especially in a volatile economic environment.  However, diving into the world of multifamily real estate can be overwhelming, especially with the investment terms and jargon that are commonly used. In this blog, we will define and clarify some of the … Read more

What Are Absorption Rates Used For In Multifamily Real Estate?

aborption rates

When trying to measure the level of demand in a rental market, real estate professionals use absorption rates metrics. The absorption rate is used to measure real estate supply and demand because it determines how long it takes for units to rent in a certain real estate market. This is important to understand because when … Read more

Real Estate Likely to Outperform In Next Recession

real estate outperforms other asset classes in a recession

Many investors that we talk to including Family Offices and Private Equity Funds have taken a risk-off posture going into the current stagflationary environment and are hiding out in “safe havens” like money market funds and short-term U.S. Treasury notes.  In fact, The Wall Street Journal said about $186 Billion flooded into money market funds … Read more

The S&P 493 is up 1% YTD!

The S&P 493 is up 1% YTD!

The Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 is a popular stock market index that tracks the performance of 500 of the largest publicly traded U.S. companies. Many busy professionals blindly contribute a portion of their hard earned wages each month into S&P 500 index funds, under the assumption that they are passively investing into a well … Read more

How to Evaluate a Multifamily Deal

How to evaluate a deal in reak estate

Evaluate a Multifamily Deal As the final part to the previous blogs, Evaluating a Market and the Sponsor, evaluating the multifamily deal itself is probably the easiest but nevertheless important in deciding whether the investment strategy (core, value add, or development) is appropriate for your portfolio.  Do not just pick the deal with the highest … Read more

Consumer/Investor Confidence

consumer/investor confidence during periods of high inflation

Recent July CPI data may have confirmed that inflation has hit its peak. The stock market rallied in reaction to the news, as inflation was flat in comparison to June’s inflation data. This news caused a shift in consumer and investor sentiment. Consumer sentiment rose in the month of August from the lowest levels it … Read more