We help busy professionals build generational wealth through passive investments in recession resistant apartment communites.

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Real Estate Investing Made Easy.

We help busy professionals build generational wealth through passive investing in recession resistant apartment communities.

what is passive investing?

Imagine if you could earn money simply by sitting back and doing nothing. Believe it or not, it’s something countless investors do every day. That money you earn with little to no effort is known as passive income, and it puts you on the fast track to financial independence.

Passive investing allows you to pool your money with other investors in a syndicate to buy a multifamily property. Investing through a syndicate allows you to leverage the specialized knowledge of real estate experts to passively increase your income and net worth.  There is no need to manage a property, deal with tenants, or take the full weight of the investment on your shoulders. 

Passive income


What is multifamily syndication? The structure of multifamily syndication

Investing in real estate has never been easier. A syndication is a partnership between an operator and investors who pool their capital to fund a lucrative real estate purchase, and is commonly referred to as passive real estate offerings or private placements.

The operator, sponsor or general partner (GP) leads the syndication and is responsible for actively managing the entire investment life cycle from acquiring, operating, and selling the property, including performing administrative duties like accounting, tax reporting, and making distributions.

Multiple passive investors or limited partners (LPs) contribute capital to the syndication and participate in the profits (or losses) alongside the sponsor.

Passive real estate investing can grow your investment portfolio without additional time or stress! As a passive investor in a real estate syndication, you’ll never have to worry about tenants or maintenance issues while taking advantage of the benefits .


Multifamily asset identification


•Strong relationships with the local brokers cultivated over many years

•Experts by focusing on a few markets

•Rigorous underwriting and due diligence to minimize risks and maximize returns

•Acquire target assets that meet our criteria

Asset Management


•Diligent execution of the business plan

•Measure key performance indicators to detect potential bottlenecks

•Make consistent improvements to maximize NOI and property value

•Constantly monitor rental market conditions to stay ahead of potential issues

Full Cycle Exit - multifamily disposition


•Monetize at most opportune time to maximize returns through sale or refinance

•Tax mitigation strategy through cost segregation and potential 1031 exchange

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WHy investing in multifamily is I.D.E.A.L.

Income produced by owning rental properties

Depreciation or the tax benefits you get from owning investment real estate

Equity buildup you get from paying down the amount you owe on the mortgage

Appreciation which is the tendency for property value to increase over time

Leverage which is your ability to control a large asset with a relatively small amount of money

Investing in a single family home is often where many people look to start their investment journey. There are definitely merits to investing in these properties However, you will often be the lone investor, need to manage the property on your own, and only be able to collect a single rental income.
However, if you invest with a multifamily syndicate, you can contribute the same amount of money, yet end up with a bigger deal. There is no responsibility to manage the property yourself and because there are more doors, there is the opportunity to collect multiple sources of rent.
The risk is much lower as you are sharing the payment with other investors. You are also able to utilize the experience and financial strength of the deal sponsor.

To invest collectively in this way, properties that were once unattainable are suddenly within reach. Everyone in the syndicate can take advantage of high-value real estate that also shows high-value returns.


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