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Ultimate Guide to Evaluating the Sponsor, Market & the Deal

As a multifamily operator, we look forward to getting past these volatile times and into a more predictable lending environment but unfortunately there will likely be some casualties in the syndication business.  Trouble will come from inexperienced operators who were ill equipped to handle unexpected and prolonged adversity or did not conduct proper risk management, much like the several dozen of failed or distressed banks making the headlines recently.  Knowing how to elavuate the sponsor, market and deal is a crucial skill.

how to evaluate the sponsor - sponsor evaluation

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Why Being a Passive Investor Trumps Being a Landlord

why passively investing is better than being a landlord

Investing in real estate has long been considered a lucrative venture, with many individuals drawn to the idea of becoming a landlord. However, as the landscape of investment opportunities evolves, the appeal of being a passive investor is gaining momentum. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why adopting a passive investment approach might be a wiser choice than taking on the responsibilities of a landlord.

Ultimate Guide to Knowing When to Invest and What to Invest in During Uncertain Times

The current market conditions are undergoing rapid and unprecedented changes, offering significant opportunities but also posing uncertainties. The key question remains: how can one navigate these fluctuations and make wise investment choices that yield optimal risk-adjusted returns? It boils down to selecting the right timing, assets, and partners.

market cycle in emojis. how to invest in a volatile economic climate

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Multifamily Real Estate Invesment Terms & Lingo

Understanding multifamily real estate investing and passive investing terms and lingo

If you are new to multifamily real estate investing, a lot of the terms can sound like a foreign language.  Understanding the lingo when reading all of the fine print is a critical skill for the investor.