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how it works


•Strong relationships with the local brokers cultivated over many years

•Experts by focusing on a few markets

•Rigorous underwriting and due diligence to minimize risks and maximize returns

•Acquire target assets that meet our criteria


•Diligent execution of the business plan

•Measure key performance indicators to detect potential bottlenecks

•Make consistent improvements to maximize NOI and property value

•Constantly monitor rental market conditions to stay ahead of potential issues


•Monetize at most opportune time to maximize returns through sale or refinance

•Tax mitigation strategy through cost segregation and potential 1031 exchange

investment strategy

At Break of Day Capital, we focus on obtaining class B and C multifamily properties in high-growth markets. We target assets positioned in submarkets with strong population and job growth in  landlord-friendly states.

We implement strategic capital improvements and operational efficiencies to improve the apartment community and property value.

acquisitions criteria

Property Type: Value-Add Multifamily & New Development

Target Markets: Southwest

Vintage: 1970 & Newer

Property Size: 100 Units & Above

Property Class: B & C

Target Returns: 15-18% IRR, 1.7-2.0x EM

Target Hold Period: 3-5 Years

Break of Day Capital actively leverages our strong relationships with local brokers cultivated over many years to identify properties. We analyze hundreds of deals every month to find a deal that meets our criteria after rigorous underwriting and due diligence to minimize risks and maximize returns.

asset management expertise

Best In Class: How to Manage Your Multifamily Asset, Avoid Mistakes, and Build Wealth through Real Estate

Quality asset management backed by operational expertise is the critical differentiator in delivering strong results. Many syndicators focus on acquisitions and capital raising but overlook asset management as mere maintenance.

Guided by our Core Values, we carefully manage the entire investment life cycle by constantly foreseeing potential issues to mitigate risks and opportunities to make improvements to maximize returns.

Strong focus on Asset Management is something we consistently deliver. Gary is the Amazon best-selling author on the subject and the host of Real Estate Asset Management Podcast, where he has interviewed over 150 real estate experts!


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