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Real Estate Investing Made Easy
Passive Investor Guide

This is an educational guide to help investors develop a broader understanding of the benefits and challenges of owning real estate, what a real estate syndication is and how it can be utilized to make real estate investing easy.

  • Challenges of owning real estate
  • Evaluating the sponsor & the deal
  • Offering types & documents
  • Profit splits
Real Estate Investing Made Easy Passive Investor Guide

Evaluate the Sponsor & Deal

question to ask to evaluate the sponsor

When deciding between syndications, it is critical to choose the right sponsor team you can trust. Great sponsors should clearly demonstrate strong moral character like transparency, honesty and integrity, alignment of interests, as well as providing evidence of conservative underwriting, proven track record, operational expertise, market and property type focus, and effective and timely communication. Investors should make thorough inquiries to be certain sponsors substantiate their claims.  This tool will guide you to ask the right questions.

Track Your Portfolio

Real estate investing can be capital and time intensive, it is important to track how your portfolio is actually performing compared to projections.  Use this excel spreadsheet to track your portfolio!

how to track your portfolio - portfio tracking

Evaluate Preferred Equity Investments

Evaluating Preferred Equity Investments

There are numerous preferred funds available for investment today. How can you determine which one is right for you? Discover how to align your investment goals with your risk tolerance and learn what to consider when evaluating your next investment with this guide and evaluation spreadsheet.

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