JF2623: Managing the Manager and the Use of KPIs with Gary Lipsky #SkillsetSunday

Serial entrepreneur Gary Lipsky started his entrepreneurial journey in college with a meal delivery service. Now, he has $41M of multifamily assets under management.

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E223 Gary Lipsky – How to Master Asset Management, Execute Effectively and Play the Long Game in Real Estate Investing

Gary Lipsky is a real estate entrepreneur who has a focus on multifamily syndication and currently has $65MM AUM.

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Best in Class Asset Management with Gary Lipsky

Join Vince as he chats with Gary Lipsky about mastering class asset management. Gary is a real estate entrepreneur who focuses on multifamily syndication. So far, he manages about 41-billion dollars worth of assets with more deals in the pipeline.

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Insider Secrets 68 with Gary Lipsky

Standout Quotes: “Don’t have too much pride that you need to know everything” – [Gary]

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Are you looking to build a valuable leadership platform?

Gary Lipsky built several successful leadership platforms that include webinars, online conferences, a podcast and a best selling book. He leveraged his previous experience building an education platform that catered to the needs of 9,000 children. Gary has been a real estate investor since 2002 and has invested in over 1900 units with $65MM AUM. His leadership platforms are focused on multifamily operations. If you want to know how Gary Lipsky created his own successful leadership platforms then listen to this episode!

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Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Gary Lipsky is a multifamily real estate investor and founder of Break of Day Capital.

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Money Matters 2

Gary tells us about his free educational real estate webinars.

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Money Matters

Gary Lipsky President and CEO at Break of Day Capital is interviewed in this episode.

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Passive Income Through Multifamily

Gary gives us an overview of his passive investments and great advice for those looking to invest into their first deal.

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