Purchase to Profits

Gary Lipsky has been investing in real estate since 2002 who holds almost 1600 multifamily units in his active and passive portfolio, focusing on B and C class properties in high growth markets

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Real Life Real Equity

This week we have an amazing individual that has been an entrepreneur a majority of his life. He has been a real estate investor since 2002….

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The Real Estate Syndication Show

The Road To Running A Successful Syndication Business with Gary Lipsky

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Best Ever Real Estate

Gary had multiple businesses before getting into real estate investing. Once he started with real estate investing he knew that he wanted to syndicate apartment communities and found a way to start doing that…

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Creative Real Estate Podcast (Christmas Day)

Gary runs a successful meetup group in LA. He is also crushing it in business, he went from closing 1.7M to 15M in the apartment community…

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