Recession Resistant Investing Opportunities

Our Method and Strategy

It takes countless hours on our part before you, the investor, actually see an offering.

First, we assess deals we get from brokers and other resources to see if the opportunity meets our criteria. If it does and we like it, we go into a deeper dive and analyze the deal. If it makes it past that process, we perform due diligence, submit an offer and negotiate.

The typical renter will be working class with a household income between $30k and $60k. There are more than 100 million Americans that rent.

Each property is unique, but typically we will begin rehab very soon after closing, reposition it with new branding and continue to maximize income and minimize expenses throughout the duration of the hold. An investment is typically a 3-5 year lifespan depending on if we hit our target number, if we project continued upside, current state of the market and other factors. Throughout the investment, we promise consistent and transparent communication.

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