Employing foreign investor capital could suit your syndication perfectly, but there are some differences in the process compared to working locally. A basic foundation of knowledge will therefore be very beneficial to have so that you can know what to expect before choosing this option. Today’s guest is Charles Carillo and with his extensive experience in working with international investors, he is the perfect guest to give you all the tips you need. Charles is the founder and managing partner of Harborside Partners. He has invested in over $25 million worth of real estate, in several states, and has extensive knowledge in renovating and repositioning multifamily and commercial real estate. In our conversation with Charles, he tells listeners how he connects with foreign investors through his podcast before weighing in on a few of the main differences between raising from people overseas versus in the US. He then talks about the many benefits of working with foreign investors and from there, shares his knowledge about the legal sides of the process. For all this and more about Charles and his asset management superpower, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An intro into Charles, how he got into real estate, and what he likes to invest in.
  • How Charles built up his database of international investors.
  • Downsides of working with international investors and how Charles gets around them.
  • Plus sides of working with international investors relating to their expectations.
  • Legal considerations for syndicators before taking international investor money.
  • Challenges Charles has experienced since working with foreign capital.
  • Why Charles’s asset management superpower is tackling small problems before they get bigger.
  • Where to find out more about Charles and what he does online.


“It’s more for security of capital. International investors are looking to spread it over. Protecting of their investment is number one.” — @CharlesKCarillo [0:05:58]

“Make sure your accountant that is handling all of your K1 generations and all your payouts for distributions for your syndication knows what they are doing and has worked with some type of international investor before.” — @CharlesKCarillo [0:07:21]

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