One of the great things about investing in real estate is that the returns you get from a property can come from so many different places. Today’s guest is Guido Nunez and he joins us to talk about all the creative ways he has boosted his net operating income to take home bigger profits at the end of the day. Our conversation with Guido centers specifically around the strategies he has implemented on his 16-unit in South California. He kicks things off by sharing how he has utilized government rebates to save money on his value add and increase CapEx too. Next up, we drill down on how Guido is leveraging economies of scale by partnering with nearby services, and how he has managed to raise his rents by offering pet-friendly and refrigerator rental services to tenants who need them. Tune in to hear some actionable and creative strategies from today’s great guest that you can use to bump up your NOI on your next deal!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick intro on Guido and the real estate he has under management.
  • How Guido found out he could get rebates while revamping his 16-unit in South California.
  • The process of applying for rebates and how much Guido ended up saving.
  • CapEx benefits provided by the low-flow toilets Guido got rebates for.
  • Tips from Guido about looking for rebates and how to apply.
  • How Guido is leveraging economies of scale to save money through collaboration.
  • Pet-friendly value adds Guido has done to boost prospects for new tenants.
  • Another competitive advantage Guido found by renting refrigerators to tenants.
  • Guido’s asset management superpower.
  • How to get in touch with Guido online.


“We saved about $3000 on low-flow toilets. We saved about 35% on the water utility bill.” — Guido Nunez [0:02:35]

“You have to be unafraid to go up to everybody and anybody any time you think they could help you with your circle of operations.” — Guido Nunez [0:04:32]

“Every time we put out market information we make sure we advertise pet-friendly. From that end, we always boost up the number of prospects we get.” — Guido Nunez [0:06:24]

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