As an owner, you always want to be lowering your operating costs. One underutilized mechanism to boost NOI is water conservation. Here to shed light on this topic is Kelly Stinson. Kelly is partnered with SAS, an organization that focuses on water efficiency and reducing water-related expenses in multifamily operations. In today’s episode, we hear about how SAS helps owners save money and the process they undertake to minimize costs. Kelly shares the benefits of working with a business that is dedicated to water conservation. Our conversation also touches on underwriting, pushback around low-low flow toilets, and why all investors should care about saving water. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know Kelly, the work she does, and what SAS’s focus is.
  • How Kelly got partnered with SAS; she didn’t know she would get into multifamily.
  • Insights into how SAS goes about saving costs for owners.
  • The typical amount that Kelly saves owners.
  • How partnering with SAS is different from owners trying to go about water conservation alone.
  • The benefits of saving water costs, particularly when you want to refinance.
  • Why passive investors should care about water conservation in their investment properties.
  • Water efficiency is an important line item in underwriting.
  • Why the pushback against low-flow toilets is unwarranted.
  • SAS’s country-wide scope and the permits that some states require.
  • Kelly's final words around water conservation; know the numbers!
  • Find out what Kelly’s asset management superpower is.


“I’m saving our world’s most precious resource, we’re boosting asset values for our owners, helping distributions. What could be better?” — Kelly Stinson [0:01:48]

“On average, I am reducing that water expense line anywhere from 20-40%.” — Kelly Stinson [0:04:12]

“Know the numbers.” — Kelly Stinson [0:14:41]

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