More than anything, good property management is about good people. No one knows that better than today’s guest, Tom Shelton, of Asset Living. In this episode, Tom walks us through what to look for when finding a property management company and sheds light on how operators can build strong relationships with this key part of their team. Tom talks about the importance of being on the same page, having aligned strategies, and ensuring you are all moving in the same direction. Your relationship with your property manager should be a collaborative one. We also dive into some exciting technological advances in the space and why it is crucial to be a good listener. Tune in to hear it all! 


Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Get to know Tom, his background in real estate, and what he is currently doing. 
  • Some of the important factors that contribute to a great property management company. 
  • Best practices when it comes to building a strong partnership with a property management company. 
  • Changes that are imminent in the property management space. 
  • Tom’s advice for new operators: be flexible and open to changes along the way. 
  • Why Tom believes his asset management superpower is his ability to listen.


“This is a people business, even though it’s a lot of focus and attention on the real estate and the sticks and bricks if you will, but it really takes people to really make a difference. People that are focused and are committed or passionate about what they do.” — Tom Shelton [0:02:59]

“I think I’m a really very good listener. I think you have to be able to listen to your client.” — Tom Shelton [0:09:41]

“You need to listen to what your clients say, listen to what their goals are, listen to what they want to achieve. Sometimes conversations are difficult, but you gotta address issues and address problems and I think that’s a real key.” — Tom Shelton [0:10:04]

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