Financial independence and greater control of how our money can work for us might seem very attractive, but how exactly do we go about making this a reality? Joining us on the show today to talk about his approach to having a better handle on the way we interact with our money and deal with our investments, is the amazing Mark Willis from Lake Growth Financial Services. We get to hear from Mark about his career in the space, the early challenges he faced with the fall-through of the 2008 financial crash, and how he managed to weather that storm to build his current status. Mark talks to us about leveraging life insurance and the vital importance of contracts, underlining how the right strategies can set us up for a different kind of success. We also get into a bit of what Lake Growth does for their clients and their investment philosophy in a broad sense. For all this and more from a great guest, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

The last eleven years in the business and how Mark got past the 2009 speedhump. 

  • Troubles with banks and how to become more independent financially. 
  •  Applying these leveraging strategies to bigger investments and portfolios.
  • Rate of return versus rate of income; which to prioritize. 
  • Mark's advice for predictable and safe investments for smooth wealth creation. 
  • A breakdown of the real estate strategies and guidance that Mark and his team offer.
  • Why Mark believes controlling the money environment is a superpower!
  • Where to find Mark and learn more about his amazing service.


“I was dropped into the frontlines of a war, you might say, in 2009, when I started working in finance, and I saw the house of cards come tumbling down, unfortunately, for a lot of the CPAs clients that I worked for at the time.” — Mark Willis [01:07]

“I could either leave the industry and go work at McDonald's or something or figure out a strategy that wouldn't rely on Wall Street as a primary means for us meeting our financial objectives for my clients.” — Mark Willis [01:21]

“Having the contract is really the basis of civilization. It's the basis of real wealth. The contract really is the basis of any financial plan.” — Mark Willis [07:54]

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