Websites are a key piece in establishing credibility. It is not just enough to have an online presence though; your website should reflect who you are professionally. Todd Heitner’s company, Apartment Investor Pro, helps GPs create fantastic websites, leaving them more time to focus on things like deal sourcing and fundraising. In today’s episode, Todd walks us through the importance of a website, some key things to keep in mind when you hire someone to create one, and how websites bring people to you. Tune in today to hear it all! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest, Todd Heitner, and hear what his company, Apartment Investor Pro, does.
  • Why it is so important to have a good website to establish credibility.
  • A website provides many opportunities for marketing and automation.
  • Important things to keep in mind when creating a good website.
  • How having a website can help you attract capital rather than chase it.
  • Final things for GPs to keep in mind when having someone create a website for them.
  • What Todd’s asset management superpower is.


“Everything kind of revolves around the website.” — Todd Heitner [0:02:19]

“When we think about the word authority, the base of this author and when you're authoring content, you’re perceived as an expert in the industry.” — Todd Heitner [0:04:05]

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