Today’s guest, Perry Zheng, founder of Cash Flow Portal, a real estate syndication software, tells us about his own journey with real estate investment, and how he came to develop a tool to raise money, and resolve some of his own pain points. Perry kickstarts our conversation by telling us a bit about his background, working in software engineering and management at Silicon Valley. Next, he tells us the story of how Cash Flow Portal was started and what sets the software apart from its competitors from both a feature, and a DNA perspective. Perry goes on to tell us why he chooses content marketing over advertising and unpacks how Cash Flow Portal serves both syndicators and passive investors. We ask Perry about security, and he explains the iron-clad information security and permissions built into his software. Our episode concludes with a conversation about what it means to build a great team, and why Perry chose to build his team before his product. We hope you join in to learn from today’s inspiring guest!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Perry Zheng’s professional background working at Lyft, Twitter, and Amazon.
  • The story of how Perry came to develop Cash Flow Portal. 
  • Unique features Cash Flow Portal offers: feature sets, and end-to-end integration. 
  • Why differentiating companies based on feature sets is ill-advised.
  • Features that Cash Flow Portal is still developing: ACH integration, and HubSpot integration.
  • Why Cash Flow Portal is different from a DNA perspective.
  • Why Perry chooses content marketing over advertising and marketing.
  • How Cash Flow Portal serves syndicators and passive investors.
  • Information security and permissions on Cash Flow Portal.
  • Perry’s Asset Management Superpower: building a great team.
  • What it means to build a good team and why this comes before developing a product.

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