On today’s episode, we host Ryan Christopher Nunes, president and founder of Life Changing Capital. He shares three macro tips he has learned during his successful career on Wall Street to help listeners up their asset management game. You’ll also hear about his background before entering the world of multifamily asset management and how he met his partner with whom he has since underwritten 300 deals. He shares some practical tips with listeners, including three free organizational tools that have streamlined his team’s workflow and gives us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes he has made, plus you’ll find out what his sales superpower is: making great hiring decisions. We hope you tune in to hear from this giant in the field today! 

Key Points From This Episode:

Meet Ryan Christopher Nunes, who started his career on Wall Street before entering the world of multifamily asset management. 

  • How he met his partner, Jeff Yang, with who he has since underwritten 300 deals with.
  • Ryan’s first macro tip: buy right because it’s easier to manage a deal from a good basis.
  • Why you should be involved with staff decisions and have buy-in on each new hire.
  • The power of taking responsibility and not blaming others when things go wrong. 
  • How he uses Asana with ranked priority lists and completes about 20 tasks a month.
  • WhatsApp and Zoom as additional free resources that Ryan uses as organizational tools.
  • Why you can be conservative, but you have to be practical as well.
  • What Ryan considers to be his sales superpower: making great hiring decisions.


“Buy right. It’s much easier to manage a deal and asset when you bought it at a good basis.” — Ryan Christopher Nunes [04:14]

“Be involved with staff decisions. This is something that I learned on my time in Wall Street. For every time that I interviewed at different banks or interviewed somebody, there’s 10 to 20 interviews that you’d had to go through just to make sure that everyone had buy-in.” — Ryan Christopher Nunes [05:20]“Everything that happens at the property, we need to respond to. We need to figure out a solution. There’s always going to be issues and problems that come up, but the asset managers need to take responsibility and figure out how to solve these issues.” — Ryan Christopher Nunes [07:00]

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