If you’re not protesting property taxes, you’re more than likely missing out on savings you can earn! Today we welcome a good friend, Darin Batchelder, a successful businessman and real estate syndicator. Darin is a man with a great skill set, especially with regards to building relationships and setting expectations, particularly with people in the real estate world where the 'know, like, and trust factor is a staple in good business. Tune in today as we dive into the topic of protesting property taxes when to start, the savings you can earn, how to underwrite while factoring in property taxes, and so much more! Don’t miss out!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A little about Darin, his background, and what he does.
  • How being a successful businessman helped Darin start in the real estate business: building relationships and setting expectations. 
  • We dive into protesting property taxes and when to start doing it; at least once a year.
  • Darin gives perspectives on the types of savings you can earn from protesting property taxes.
  • Navigating underwriting when you don’t know what you will get back from protesting property taxes.
  • Why it’s important to reach out to other people in the county in which you want to purchase!
  • Darin’s asset management superpower: relationships and expectation setting.


“In this business [real estate], people say, ‘know, like and trust.’ That’s something you want to have in your mindset.” — @DarinBatchelder [0:03:02]

“When underwriting, it’s important to leverage your network to find out what the reality is going to be.” — @DarinBatchelder [0:07:34]

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