Today we welcome Brett Swarts to the show, the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions. Brett is also a commercial real estate broker, multi-family expert, and he and his company strive to help people who feel trapped by capital gains tax when selling highly appreciated apartment buildings. They like to refer to themselves as the Netflix way of deferred taxes! Joining in today, listeners will hear all about the difference between deferred sales taxes and a 1031, a great explanation on the confidence you can have in their secret recipe, how they deal with the estate “elephant in the room,’ and advice and tips for DST newbies! Stay tuned for all this and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • More about Brett Swarts and what he does.
  • We talk about the differences between deferred sales taxes and a 1031.
  • The total dollar amount for transactions that Brett has done so far.
  • Hear more about their secret recipe and how they’ve built up their confidence over the years; is it too good to be true?
  • Brett shares whether there is a time when it’s not a good fit for a DST.
  • Don’t forget about estate tax; Brett shares how they navigate the elephant in the room!
  • Advice and tips for DST newbies: work with a qualified intermediary and don’t overpay! 


“The biggest thing emotionally to overcome for this thing is sometimes the people who help to get you there to the first million or the first 10 million or the first 50 aren’t the same people to help you defer 10, 20, 30, 40, 50% of that tax.” — @1031option [0:11:04]

“We want to provide freedom and flexibility to buy and sell real estate on your own terms not on the 1031 terms.” — @1031option [0:14:45]

“I always say to my investors, clients, and partners — we’re not in the business of selling or buying real estate. We’re not in the business of selling or buying tax deferral strategies. We’re in the business of solving problems.” — @1031option [0:18:46]

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