Welcome back to the Real Estate Asset Management Podcast. Thanks for joining us! In conversation with us today is Tyler Chesser, who hosts the Elevate podcast, which is all about mindset, mind expansion, and personal development for high-performing real estate investors. Our topic today is big picture investment strategy, and Tyler Chesser shares some amazing pearls of wisdom with us, all underpinned by his view that every deal is unique and has specific qualities. You’ll hear all about the property management structure he has implemented in each area he serves, and how he uses a hands-on approach with each of them. He also shares his focus on having an approach of continual course correction in collaboration with his team, always aiming to act out of proactivity and not reactivity. We touch on strategy, tracking tools, and more in today’s inspiring conversation. We hope you join us! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Meet today’s guest, Tyler Chesser, host of Elevate with Tyler Chesser.
  • His philosophy that every deal is unique and has specific qualities.
  • The areas he serves: Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.
  • Why he has chosen to partner with the ideal property management company for each area.
  • How he tries to be hands on with weekly asset management calls with every company. 
  • His approach of embracing continual course correction to solve problems together.
  • The principles of communication that Tyler pulled from Gino Wickman’s Traction.
  • Why it is so important to build a system to facilitate communication and prevent reactivity. 
  • The dangers of acting defensively rather than being proactive in multifamily real estate.
  • Strategy as the most important role of an asset manager.
  • The tracking tools that enable Tyler to store information: Google Sweep, Google Sheets, Excel and Word.
  • Tyler's asset management superpower: leadership. 

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