Welcome to the Real Estate Asset Management Podcast brought to you by Break of Day Capital! In today’s episode, we talk to Boardwalk Wealth syndicator, Omar Khan, about the multimillion-dollar question: sell or refi? Omar shares his thoughts on whether he thinks it’s best to recapitalize, sell, or refinance properties and shares examples from his own career experience. We discuss the pros and cons of selling and refinancing, and the challenge of finding a balance with long-term wealth and risk. We touch on what can be done to ease the setbacks of labor shortages and ways to ensure that your team is always up to date and on the same page. Omar talks about the link between cap rates and interest rates and explains why you cannot simply sit around, idly waiting for the market to grow. Tune in to find out more from professionals in the field so you can make an informed decision to either sell or refi.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Guest Omar Khan shares his professional background.
  • Omar’s thoughts on whether to recap, refi, or sell.
  • Finding a balance with long-term wealth and long-term risk.
  • Pros and cons of selling.
  • Pros and cons of refinancing.
  • Why Gary chooses to sell more often in a quicker time period.
  • How Omar is willing to take risks with his own money, but not with other people’s money.
  • Gary shares how labor shortages have set him back a bit.
  • How Omar has elevated one of his onsite property managers to the role of floating PM.
  • Why Omar makes a record of repeatable tasks to add to an ever-expanding learning library.
  • Loom: what it is and what it can be used for.
  • How cap rates are linked to interest rates.
  • Why you have to be prepared to spend money and can’t simply wait for the market to grow.
  • The growing demand for workforce housing.
  • Omar’s asset management superpower: being organized.

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