In this episode of the Real Estate Asset Management Podcast, we are joined by Quentin D’Souza, a schoolteacher turned prolific real estate investor. Quentin has over 80 million dollars in assets under management across Canada and the US has transacted over 80 properties since 2004 and is the author of four real estate books. In our conversation with Quentin, he sheds light on the differences between the US and Canada when it comes to real estate investment, including the respective risks and benefits, and intel into how to avoid double taxation. We hear about his asset management superpower of repositioning rent-controlled assets: what he has gained from it and the strategies he employs. Furthermore, Quentin shares a few of his methods for turning over difficult tenants and imparts a contagious enthusiasm for the art of asset management! Get on track to become a best-in-class operator and dial in for another illuminating conversation on how to build systems and manage your properties more efficiently.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Quentin D’Souza.
  • Quentin shares his typical business plan for rent-controlled properties.
  • Under what circumstance rent becomes decontrolled in Ontario.
  • The advantages of raising units to the market rent.
  • How property turnover timelines and tax structures in Canada differ from those in the US.
  • What Canadians should look out for if investing in the US and what to do to avoid double taxation.
  • The risks and benefits of investing in the US and Canada respectively.
  • Quentin’s different tenant turnover methods.
  • Quentin’s asset management superpower: repositioning assets in rent-controlled environments.


“I find that when it’s a challenge and I can solve problems that other people can’t solve, I can make money where other people won’t make money.” — @qmanrei [04:47]

“The reason why I invest in the US is because I want to have hedging against the Canadian dollar through the US economy and the US dollar.” — @qmanrei [10:22]

“My asset management superpower is definitely doing the repositioning of assets in rent-controlled environments.” — @qmanrei [15:51]

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