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Real Estate Investing Webinar - 2022

How to Become ‘Successfully Unemployed’ with passive Real Estate Investing


How to safely and effectively build wealth without having to deal with tenant complaints at all hours of the day

How to make money without wild fluctuations in the stock market

How passive real estate investing is a great hedge against inflation and has tax benefits

This webinar will give you the direction you need to create passive income. This knowledge has taken me years to develop. That’s right. You will learn from my wins and losses.

This is just the start of your new future with passive income and you can start today. Start your journey to the dream life with this FREE WEBINAR

Live Q&A Session After Webinar


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Live Q&A Session After Webinar

Claim your spot and don’t miss this opportunity to learn, adapt and prosper in your portfolios!
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Gary Lipsky


Gary has been a real estate investor since 2002 and has invested in over 2,500 units with $102MM AUM. Gary is also the Co-Founder of the Asset Management Summit, Real Estate Asset Management Podcast and Co-Author of the book Best in Class. His expertise in asset management is his secret sauce and he started developing those skills at a young age
Gary got into real estate full-time, and specifically multifamily, at the beginning of 2017. He co-produced three independent films in his twenties. He founded arc, an after school, outdoor education and leadership development company he grew to over $12 million in revenue and over 700 employees while positively affecting over 9,000 students daily throughout Southern California.Gary is also a founding board member of CORE Educational Services, a Los Angeles based non-profit benefitting under-served youth. These endeavors taught him how to build systems, winning teams and handle adversity – skills that have translated well into real estate.


Best In Class: How To Manage Your Multifamily Asset, Avoid Mistakes, And Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Feeling overwhelmed by your investment property? There are plenty of books about investing in multifamily real estate, but few that tell you what to do with that property once you own it.

Best In Class lays out everything you need to become a Best in Class operator: marketing and leasing, managing renovations, evaluating your property’s performance, financial analysis, managing the manager, and so much more.

Create better systems and take control of your property while building wealth for you and your investors.

Your investment property is supposed to set you financially free, not stress you out. Pick up Best In Class today and learn step-by-step how to manage your real estate portfolio effectively.

Knowledge is Power. Expand Your Real Estate Investing Playbook Today

Successful investors are continually learning and adapting to new technologies, real estate trends, and investment strategies. Educated investors put their knowledge to work to preserve and grow capital. Our goal is to help all investors stay educated by providing straightforward, information.