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evaluating & vetting the sponsor/operator

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All too often in our industry, investors get set to wire their $100,000 check to a sponsor without clear expectations of what comes next. 

Without clarity on who your point of contact will be after funding, what the communication frequency will be like, and what other tools exist to ensure your success… Investors are left feeling uneasy. 

We’ve heard of several instances where investors didn’t hear from the sponsor for months after wiring their money! So, we’re hosting a webinar to give you a crystal-clear blueprint of what to expect after partnering with Break of Day Capital. 

Who Should Attend?

Passive Investor

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Developers

High Net Worth Individuals

Busy Professionals

Real Estate Agents

Live Q&A Session After Webinar

Claim your spot and don’t miss this opportunity to learn, adapt and prosper in your portfolios!
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Adam Dresher

Investor Relations Manager

Adam spent 20 years on Wall Street, where he specialized in covering some of the largest and best performing hedge funds, mutual funds, and family offices. Prior to his role at Break of Day Capital, Adam was a multifamily realtor, facilitating deals throughout Arizona. He has enthusiasm for building connections and aiding investors in realizing their financial objectives through real estate investing. Outside of work he dedicates his time to volunteer work at his local church and serves as a board member of City Squash Brooklyn.