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Winning Strategies From The 2018 Best Ever Conference For Real Estate Investing

Recently, I traveled to Denver for the Best Ever Conference which focuses on real estate investing by bringing the top experts from around the globe. My favorite part about the whole trip was that the conference not only had an incredible list of speakers and panels to learn from, but these same speakers and panelists were in the audience right beside me throughout the time, learning and sharing their knowledge with us individually. As a real estate podcast junkie, it was thrilling to meet and talk to some of my RE heroes in person. Networking with like-minded individuals from all over the US allowed me to learn so much over the course of a single weekend and come away more inspired.

Here are some of my biggest takeaways:

Know what you want

There are a lot of different ways to make money in real estate, but if you don’t lock down your criteria, and narrow down to just one strategy to invest, you will be chasing too many opportunities and not focusing on one. Winning takes focus.

Always have a disaster plan in place

There will be times when you make mistakes since learning involves failure until you get it right. However, if you have thought through as many bad scenarios as possible before you get “punched in the face,” you will make it through to victory. Having an experienced coach can help you miss any fatal errors.

Love the process as much as the outcome

It is very rare for an amazing opportunity to fall into your lap. Usually, it takes a lot of work over a long period of time. Enjoy it. Never stop learning.

Check in with your BS, Belief System

Are you feeding yourself positive or negative thoughts? Are you making excuses or finding ways to succeed? Do you have daily habits and routines that serve you? Find mentors you can emulate until these are instinctive.

I am definitely looking forward to next year and partnering with some of my new real estate friends in the near future. This was my favorite quote I heard towards the end of the conference:

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

-Jim Rohn

Focusing on winning, avoiding disaster, loving the journey, and upping my mental game, together offer a super strategy for life and the joy of investing.

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